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What is Fear and How To Handle it.

"It doesn’t matter what mistakes you made yesterday. What matter is what you are going to do differently today!"

by Veronika Gasparyan

We all come to the point in our lives when the only option that we see is to give up; on ourselves, our family, our friends, and our future. But what if we knew that better days and happiness were just around the corner? What if we knew that difficult times we are in at the moment were the worst they would ever be, and it’s all just a test from life to see what we are really made of? Is it just a struggle that we have to deal with to earn the life we always wanted? Would you give up then? Just a few moments or days away from complete harmony and love? I bet you wouldn’t.

The thing is that in the moments of sadness and pain we don’t realize what we are capable of. What our body and mind are equipped with. What we can handle in life and how happy we can be after the difficult times have passed. It is all about our mindset and the faith that Mother Nature has embedded in us. It’s about seeing the bad times as a learning curve and not as the end of the road.

You have no idea of exactly how many people are gasping for their last breaths of air or praying to live just one more day, as you are reading this right now. Not giving up on our precious lives is the minimum we owe to those who will not make it into the next day.

There are soldiers who are paralyzed or permanently wounded in hospitals all over the world at this moment. There are children who are dying from terminal illnesses or are in agonizing pain from the chemotherapy they are getting to fight off their unfair cancer.

Just think about all that for a minute and then look at your life that you are living. You woke up today. You are healthy and can get up and walk outside right now to take a breath of fresh air or look at the warm sun. You can eat, drink, sleep, and do anything you desire at your own pace. If you are reading this article, you have what tens of millions of others do not. You have eye vision that allows you to learn things easier and to enjoy the amazing array of colors our world has to offer. You have a healthy mind and time to read. I can go on for hours telling you all the things you have that so many others do not. By simple comparison to other people’s lives you can see that you are amazing and successful. At least to the point you allow yourself to be.

I am not saying that you aren’t scared of something or someone at this point in time. I am not saying that you have everything you want or need. And, I am not saying that you are happy and loved to the level you desire. What I am saying is that you are very lucky in more ways than you can imagine. You can do whatever your heart and mind want if you believe in yourself and the abilities you were born with.

Do not let fear take you over and push you down into a dark and hopeless existence. Use fear as a tool to become stronger and wiser. Use it to progress and win whatever battles you are fighting at this moment. Fear is nothing but the helpful tool that is disguised as a bad trait. You are way more powerful than fear to let it dictate how to live your life. Do not allow it to put you on the wrong path. Fight it! Overpower it!

You might not know that I once had my own share of self-doubt, fear, neglect, and heartbreaks. I was born in Sochi, Russia back in 1981 in an upscale Armenian family where my mother was a music teacher and my father was an Emergency Room doctor. When I was 7 years old my brother was born and everything in my life changed, and not for the better. I became a mother not a sister. I became a housewife, babysitter, worker, student, daughter, slave, and a punching bag. I lived through extremely difficult times and on many occasions tried to end my own life, while still being a young child. But I lived through the hardships, raised my brother, and kept my faith alive day after day, month after month, and year after year. And even when I turned 17 and thought that my life was finally going to be perfect, my parents sent me to the United States and arranged my marriage to a man that I had never met before. I didn’t know I was coming to America to stay. I was told I was going to visit my grandmother. Yet again I was a subject of neglect, betrayal, abuse, and hardship. My mind however was already trained in what I call “What fear kills hope can revive”. I knew that my difficult time was just another life lesson and it was given to me again so I would overcome it and use it to become wiser and more appreciative of the good that I have.

My whole life, even as a little girl, I used faith and belief in better days to fight off the fear of failure and neglect. I used Laws of Attraction and positive thinking to stay strong. I believed in Universal laws and the power of visualization, which helped me to keep my inner love, kindness, happy thoughts, and strong mind in place when others would have given up. I didn’t let anything break me down. Instead, I used what I had learned from my not so pleasant experiences and put it in writing, into my book; my true life story I called “Mother At Seven”. If a little 7 year old girl can do it, YOU CAN!

And don’t ever think that you are alone. Many powerful minds of our times faced a hard life and strong fears as well. They, you, I, and all others have those days or periods of time when everything seems bad. When happiness is the furthest thing from our mind and we lose hope for better days or a fulfilling life. But we have to remember that it is just a small piece of our time and the struggle is not here to stay. It is here to teach. It’s a simple way to make us stronger and wiser so that we can fulfill our destiny and learn to appreciate life not just when things are great and harmonious but also when when it's dark.

Think of these mind-blowing examples. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for “lacking imagination” and “having no original ideas.” Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, went home and locked himself in his room to cry. The Beatles were rejected by Decca Recording Studio, who said “We don’t like their sound - They have no future in show business.” Oprah Winfrey was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she “Wasn’t fit for television.” And Albert Einstein wasn’t able to speak until he was almost 4-years-old and his teachers said that he would “Never amount to much.”

All these true stories come to show you what a powerful mind and unbreakable faith can do. If they didn’t experience those low moments and rejection, they might have not become what they are. Be free, be happy, and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your dreams and desires. Think positive, stay true to yourself, and appreciate every day, no matter how easy or difficult it might be. Forgive those who hurt you or can’t understand you. Use visualization and laws of attraction to create the life you always wanted. And, do not stop until you get to your goal and make your vision a physical reality.

Blessings and love,

Veronika Gasparyan

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