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Parenting And Child Rearing.

A positive parenting is the key to success of your child, from the young age and for the rest of his or her life.

Child rearing (also called parenting) is the way parents support and raise their children, aside from the biological aspect of it. This process involves promotion of social, intellectual, financial, and emotional development.

The most important people who influence children and how they grow throughout their life are their immediate relatives and family members. Mostly people who they live with. It could be a parent(s), sibling, grandparents, or even a nannie.

Society and the culture in which children are brought up also plays a major part in what personality and characteristic traits they develop.

Of course, there are many types of parenting around the world and depending on what culture the child was brought into, the views on life and the values would vary.

In the majority of cases, as soon as the baby is born, the mother, or even the father attend to newborn's immediate needs. But, as the time goes on the parents do less and less. Most of them become pretty much just “good enough”. Their care and attentiveness to them depreciates.

From the ancient times, mothers were the ones who children viewed as the more caring parent in the house. They were also the ones who the child looked up too and had a stronger bond with.

It is very similar to the animal kingdom that surrounds us. You would rarely see a male dog or a tiger caring for the pups.

Similarly, mothers were the ones who the children trusted more, and unfortunately with that, got hurt the most from.

The closer a child is to the parent or both parents the more hurtful and damaging it could be for them in when any types of abuse or betrayal is involved. Children look up to their parents for guidance and for help. They use words, key phrases, or even body language to show what they need and to ask for love and support.

That is why, as a parent it is so vital to understand how big the effect of good vs. bad parenting styles is, and how much damaged it can create in the emotional state of young ones. Any types of abuse, verbal or physical can break the relationship in half.

Author, Veronika Gasparyan, who published her own survival story in July of 2016 called "Mother At Seven", talked about the deep emotional pain she suffered when she felt her mother's betrayal for the first time.

"It was mind-boggling to know that I would experience such betrayal at such a young age while others live their whole life without knowing what betrayal is."

It’s very clear that any type of mistreatment or brake of the special bond and trust between a child and the parent can leave a very negative and in many cases permanent effect on a child or children of any age.

The worst part about it happens after the fact. The damage, temporary or long-term can alter a child’s view on life, family, relatives, culture, and even themselves. The outcomes of that could be catastrophic.

One thing is for sure. The way adults parent their children of any age group, is what shapes and forms them into who there are and how they will survive in the society and among others.

by Veronika Gasparyan.

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